Sounak Mohanta, PhD

Position title: Graduate Student; now Postdoc at Salk Institute (Tye Lab)


Phone: (608) 890-2972

Research Interests

I am interested in predictive coding, and how subcortical activity helps us integrate information from different modalities as well as perform sensorimotor transformations. I use neuroimaging and multi-site electrophysiology in non-human primates and human subjects.


Mohanta S, Cleveland DM, Afrasiabi M, Rhone AE, Górska U, Cooper Borkenhagen MJ, Sanders RD, Boly M, Nourski KV, Saalmann YB (preprint) Traveling waves shape neural population dynamics enabling predictions and internal model updating. bioRxiv

Wehrman JJ, Casey CP, Tanabe S, Mohanta S, Filbey W, Weber L, Banks MI, Lennertz R, Pearce RA, Saalmann YB, Sanders RD (2023) Sub-anaesthetic ketamine reduces, but does not obliviate, predictive coding responses: Implications for theories of sensory disconnection. British Journal of Anaesthesia 131: 705-714.

Redinbaugh MJ, Afrasiabi M, Phillips JM, Kambi NA, Mohanta S, Raz A, Saalmann YB (2022) Thalamic deep brain stimulation as a paradigm for reducing consciousness: implications for cortico-striatal dynamics, absence epilepsy and consciousness studies. PLOS Computational Biology 18: e1010294.

Mohanta S, Afrasiabi M, Casey C, Tanabe S, Redinbaugh MJ, Kambi NA, Phillips JM, Polyakov D, Filbey W, Austerweil JL, Sanders RD, Saalmann YB (2021) Predictive feedback, early sensory representations and fast responses to predicted stimuli depend on NMDA receptors. Journal of Neuroscience 41: 10130-10147.

Phillips JM, Kambi NA, Redinbaugh MJ, Mohanta S, Saalmann YB (2021) Disentangling the influences of multiple thalamic nuclei on prefrontal cortex and cognitive control. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews 128: 487-510.

Afrasiabi M*, Redinbaugh MJ*, Phillips JM, Kambi NA, Mohanta S, Raz A, Haun AM, Saalmann YB (2021) Consciousness depends on integration between parietal cortex, striatum and thalamus. Cell Systems 12: 363-373 (*denotes equal contributions).

Redinbaugh MJ, Phillips JM, Kambi NA, Mohanta S, Andryk S, Dooley GL, Afrasiabi M, Raz A, Saalmann YB (2020) Thalamus modulates consciousness via layer-specific control of cortex. Neuron 106: 66-75.

Phillips JM, Fish LR, Kambi NA, Redinbaugh MJ, Mohanta S, Kecskemeti SR, Saalmann YB (2019) Topographic organization of connections between prefrontal cortex and mediodorsal thalamus: Evidence for a general principle of indirect thalamic pathways between directly connected cortical areas. NeuroImage 189: 832-846.

Mohanta S, Dasgupta K (2015) A framework for ischemic beat detection using multi-layer feedforward neural network and principal component analysis. PerMIn ’15 Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Perception and Machine Intelligence 77-84.