Niranjan A. Kambi, PhD

Position title: Post-doctoral Research Associate, Department of Psychology


Phone: (608) 890-2972

Research Interests

I am interested in understanding how operations in distinct brain networks enable us to encode and recall memories. I use neuroimaging and multi-site electrophysiology in non-human primates.


Redinbaugh MJ, Phillips JM, Kambi NA, Mohanta S, Andryk S, Dooley GL, Afrasiabi M, Raz A, Saalmann YB (2020) Thalamus modulates consciousness via layer-specific control of cortex. Neuron 106: 66-75.

Phillips JM, Fish LR, Kambi NA, Redinbaugh MJ, Mohanta S, Kecskemeti SR, Saalmann YB (2019) Topographic organization of connections between prefrontal cortex and mediodorsal thalamus: Evidence for a general principle of indirect thalamic pathways between directly connected cortical areas. NeuroImage 189: 832-846.

Phillips JM*, Kambi NA*, Saalmann YB (2016) A subcortical pathway for rapid, goal-driven, attentional filtering. Trends in Neurosciences 39: 49-51 (*denotes equal contributions).

Kambi N*, Halder P*, Rajan R, Arora V, Chand P, Arora M, Jain N (2014) Large-scale reorganization of the somatosensory cortex following spinal cord injuries is due to brainstem plasticity. Nature Communications 5: 3602: 1-10 (*denotes equal contribution).

Dutta A, Kambi N, Raghunathan P, Khushu S, Jain N (2014) Large-scale reorganization of the somatosensory cortex of adult macaque monkeys revealed by fMRI. Brain Structure and Function 219: 1305-1320.

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